what's wrong with my dog
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What’s wrong with my dog?

what's wrong with my dog
Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered “What’s wrong with my dog?”

Dog health; it’s not always clear.

“What’s wrong with my dog?” Your dog just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe he or she is just mopey. Or they aren’t as enthusiastic as usual. They could be not eating like normal.

Dog health is tricky. If you’ve owned dogs for any amount of time, you know that sometimes something just isn’t right.  You can’t quite put your finger on it, but they aren’t the happy, enthusiastic pup you’re used to. 

Is there a problem?

When something isn’t quite right, there are some things you can do to gather information.

  • Just watch. 
  • Feel them all over. 
  • Check to see if they are eating, drinking, pooping; the normal stuff. 

All seems basically ok. You might think “I’m just imagining it”, especially if it isn’t something obvious like a big gash or a broken bone.  But maybe you’re not imagining. 

Sometimes it’s that “spidey sense” that is trying to tell you that your pup needs help. It’s so frustrating worrying about your best friend and not knowing if there is something you need to do to help them feel better. You do have options. 

what's wrong with my dog
Is there something wrong with your dog? How do you know?

How can you help when you’re wondering what’s wrong with your dog?

You can take them to the vet for a check up or you can just watch them for awhile so you can gather information.  If things don’t get better, a visit to the vet is a good place to start. After they’ve given your dog a once over to make sure you’re not missing something they can treat, you can try some other things, alternative treatments or ideologies, and see if it helps. 

Fortunately, choices are much more plentiful than they used to be.  Acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage, laser, reiki and so many other modalities are out there now, easier to access than ever. Many of these options work well with whatever your vet has recommended.

Instead of relying solely on  your vet (who knows A LOT of medical stuff, but not necessarily the other stuff), you can get a more comprehensive plan for finding and helping your dog. Sometimes your vet can suggest other treatments or they may even provide other treatments.  You’ll probably at least want to check with them to see if what you’re considering is safe. 

When you’re wondering what’s wrong with my dog?

When you’re wondering “what’s wrong with my dog?”, it helps to know some resources. Doing your own head-to-toe check can help you put together the picture you need to help your vet and other professionals figure it out.

Bottom line is this; you want your best friend back.  You have options.  It might be worth checking on the “other” treatments out there because, on a case by case basis, they often provide some really remarkable results.  Just like you don’t want to limit yourself to one store when you’re shopping for that perfect outfit, you don’t want to limit your dog to just one treatment. 

what's wrong with our dog
Our dog Lincoln, was rescued with a bunch of problems.

When you’re asking yourself “What’s wrong with my dog?”, these posts might help. Read my post Traditional or Alternative Care or Essential Oils; Do they really work? for more information about alternative therapies. There are also a bunch of posts to be found online to help you explore the options. Or read this article that really covered both traditional and alternative care for dogs with IBD 

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