why do we have dogs
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Why do we have dogs?

why do we have dogs
reasons to have a dog
There are so many ways that dogs improve our lives.

We need dogs in our lives

Why do we have dogs? So many of us have them in our lives. But how many dog lovers have thought about the subject enough to answer this simple question completely?

Absolutely, we could say it’s because we love them. We could say that they keep us company. We could even say that dogs keep us entertained. While all of these answers would be true, they definitely don’t do the subject justice.

We love our dogs and treat them like the valued family members that they are. I have them in my life because there would be a great big hole without them. But is that really an answer? Our canine friends do so much for us, but how often do we notice their help?


One answer to why we have dogs is because they give us companionship. They’re certainly good at giving that. They have a way of paying attention to us that other people or animals don’t.

A dog can be just as happy hanging out on your lap or lying nearby as when you’re actively lavishing them with affection. They listen to everything you say, and they don’t gossip or argue with you.

People get busy with their own lives. Dogs tend to live their lives for us. Even we don’t have any humans around; it’s hard to feel alone when you have a dog by your side.

And there is no doubt about the love they give. Studies have been done, and articles have been written. Lots of them! Here is a good one from WebMD. 6 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

why do we have dogs in our lives

Dogs help us be more active

Many people live sedentary lives in our society. More and more, work is done at a computer rather than by using good old-fashioned elbow grease or working up a sweat. It’s really unhealthy for us since humans were made to use their bodies. Physical activity is what helps keep us healthy!

Having a dog can help us be more healthy by encouraging us to be physically active. At a minimum, having a dog will promote some activity since they need to be fed, bathed, turned out, or walked. And if you have a dog like my Quinn, the need to play will be ever-present.

The right dog can be a hiking buddy or a running partner. And you can’t beat the motivation since a dog won’t cancel on you, unlike human running partners. Many dogs need exercise to keep them out of trouble. Preventing your house from being destroyed can be great motivation to get out and spend time with your dog. It’s a win-win!

Having another being that you need to take care of, walk, and exercise will absolutely make you more active. You can’t just sit on the couch if your dog wants out, can you? And you can’t just stew in your own thoughts if you have a dog that needs you. If your dog needs exercise, you are both better off finding productive ways to exercise.

The joy of competition and being part of a team

Competing in dog sports can have lots of benefits. And you need a dog to do that, obviously. While it gets you both out there and active, being part of a team with your dog can build a solid relationship between the two of you. If you want to learn a new sport with your dog, you have to spend time with them.

Dogs are very sincere beings. If they don’t understand something, they don’t fake it. And if they don’t like an activity or the way you’re acting with them, they won’t pretend they do. Although you may wish things were different, at least you know where you stand with a dog.

For them to understand a sport, you have to be patient and communicate with your dog. Dogs are brilliant, but they have their own way of thinking and need help in understanding us. And that’s part of the benefit; purposely taking time to understand each other helps build bonds that can’t be formed any other way. For more about dog/human communication, read my post Do dogs understand us?

why do we have dogs
reasons to have dogs

Why do we have dogs? Connection

You think of things in a new way when you connect with your dog. Having a one-on-one relationship with them can be so fulfilling. They have the ability to focus on you instead of the worries of the world. If you pay attention, you can connect on a soul level.

Dogs improve our lives in so many ways. It’s no wonder some people love them as much as, or maybe more than, the humans in their lives.

I’m so glad I have my pups in my life. They remind me to stay active. Help me remember to play when I get too busy working. Dogs make me laugh, even when I don’t feel like it. They give that unconditional love that is so rare in humans. All. The. Time. And, as if I needed another reason, the Thankfulness of dogs gives me a great example of how to live.

Dogs also serve us in many ways, from the military to police to support animals. Read my post about dog veterans for more.

Dogs know some valuable lessons. For more about what my dogs have taught me, read this.

Tell me about the canines in your life in the comments below. Why do you have dogs?

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