gratefulness of dogs
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The thankfulness of dogs

gratefulness of dogs

Dogs appreciate everything!

The thankfulness of dogs is a strong but underappreciated force in the lives of dog parents. Dogs appreciate what they have and they don’t ask for much. Food. Water. Outside time. It’s all pretty simple.

When you give them a treat, they consider it a delicacy. A new toy can be the best gift ever. And going for a car ride; heaven! A dog doesn’t worry about keeping up with anyone or having the most expensive or most trendy stuff. They appreciate what they have.

We, as dog parents, could learn a lesson from that. How often do you or someone you know wish you had some thing, while forgetting about what you already have?

thankfulness of dogs
Dogs appreciate everything.

The thankfulness of dogs, every day.

Sure, it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S.; a time to be thankful. But gratitude isn’t limited to just one day per year. Dogs always appreciate the little things we do.

They don’t look at something with disdain because they had the more expensive version in mine. Dogs don’t wait expectantly on their birthday or Christmas for that special gift. Since they don’t worry about status, playtime with an old toy can be just as good as playtime with a new one, especially if you, their beloved human, are spending time with them.

For dogs, every day can be a good day. You’ve got to admire that kind of optimistic outlook. We could use a bit more of that.

The thankfulness of dogs makes every day like Thanksgiving.

Every day can be a day of thanksgiving.

Dogs set a pretty good example of how to live, really. We can appreciate our dogs for showing us a happier way to live, without worrying about having a good enough reason. There are lots of reasons to be grateful if you’re a dog. Wouldn’t it be great if we have the thankfulness of dogs in our own lives?

For a little Thanksgiving inspiration, read this post from Dogtime. And for more reasons to appreciate your dog, read my post about What my dogs have taught me.

I’d love to hear about your dog and what you appreciate about them. Tell me about it in the comments below.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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