reasons to rescue a dog
Dog situations

Reasons to rescue a dog

reasons to rescue a dog
This is one reason of many for rescuing a dog.

We rescue dogs

We have many reasons to rescue a dog. Not all dogs, sadly, because that would make a good thing way too much to handle. But we can comfortably give a couple a place to call home at any given time.

You hear about dog rescue all over the internet, from friends and dog people you know and respect. It can be a great thing to do for you and for the dog you rescue. But not every situation is ideal for a given rescue dog. And not every dog is going to fit into your situation.

Should you get a dog at all?

In order to create a situation that is beneficial for all involved, you’re going to have to consider carefully. You need to ask yourself

  • What is your living situation like?
  • Are all your human family members on board with getting a new dog?
  • Is a new dog going to fit in with any other pets you have?
  • Are you going to be able to properly care for the new canine family member? As you probably know, there are always vet bills, feeding, etc. that come with any pet.
  • Can you give them some of your time on a regular basis?
  • Does the dog you want to adopt have any special needs you aren’t going to be able to meet?
  • What type of dog is going to fit well into your home?

Once you’ve decided that you are able to give a good home to a new dog, you can consider whether or not to rescue and what your reasons to rescue a dog are. If you are looking for a reason to have a dog, read my post Why do we have dogs?

reasons to rescue a dog
Rescue dogs have so much love to give

Rescue dogs can be a challenge

Having taken in several dogs, we’ve learned some of the great and not so great things about it. Adopting a rescue dog isn’t for everyone. They usually come with emotional or physical baggage of some sort.

Dogs that find themselves in rescue are not usually in the best of health. Many times, their previous owners didn’t know how to care for them or train them. They may have even been neglectful or even cruel. The dog can’t tell you what the situation was like, but they suffer the effects anyway.

When you decide to take in a rescue dog, you’ll have to be ready to deal with problems like lack of socialization, fears you may not understand, the results of a poor diet, or health issues that haven’t been addressed, for example. It is more difficult to undo the effects of a bad experience than to start from the clean slate of a puppy.

Reasons to rescue a dog

So, you have decided that you’re ready and able to help a dog with any extra issues they might have. You’ve considered carefully and you believe an adopted dog can fit into your lifestyle. In this case, there are so many reasons that make it worth any of these potential difficulties.

Reason One –

You are saving a life. Many times, dogs that are in need of rescue will eventually be euthanized if they don’t find a home. Even in no kill shelters, the situation is dire because they just sit there, sometimes for years. This is not living.

Reason Two –

Rescue dogs are grateful. Oftentimes, dogs that are rescued are desperate for someone to call their own and appreciate the offer of a home and love.

Reason Three –

If you adopt an adult dog, you know their size and physical characteristics, so there is less chance of a surprise there.

Reason Four –

Rescue dogs have so much love to give. Many times, they’ve gone without love and they truly thrive when they have someone they can love.

Reason Five –

You can know that you’re doing a good thing in giving an unloved dog a loving home.

Reason Six –

You know more about what you’re getting. Many rescue dogs have some training and at least know not to potty in the house.

Reason Seven –

Many times, rescue dogs have fewer health issues. And if they do have a problem, you will often know what it is and if you can deal with it before you bring them in to your home.

Reason Eight –

It’s a good feeling to be needed. And the thing about rescue dogs and dogs in general, you might find that you need them as much as they need you.

What are your reasons to rescue a dog?

Although it can be easier to start with a baby since they haven’t had any bad experiences that have to be overcome, rescuing a dog can be very rewarding. We have a chance of helping them become the pet we want them to be if we do it right.

Watching them go from dejected and alone to happy and healthy is such an awesome experience. Usually, with a little TLC, some good food and a trip or two to the vet, they start morphing into completely different animals. You can see the life come back to them. And they start acting like they belong. Then they start showing you how much love they have to give.

Reasons to rescue a dog
Lincoln needed us.

We rescue dogs

It’s not too hard to find reasons to rescue a dog. We’ve rescued several over the years. There are others I would have liked to help, but the situation has to be right or it doesn’t really help at all. Rescuing and helping dogs is a blessing. Read more about it here.

My parents rescued a lab puppy named Licorice that we still miss to this day. She was such a sweet girl.

My daughter rescued a boxer named Tasha, who spent lots of time here as I puppysat her. She was older and had cancer so her time with us was short, but I will always remember her “farts of death” and our morning race to the Chair (capitalized because it is the best). By the way, she usually won, and I let her stay because she just looked so darn happy with herself.

We rescued Lincoln, a malinois mix that was found wandering the streets. Lincoln has health and people issues. He’s been a challenge and will probably always be that way, but we love him and he loves us.

Lucky, an elderly chihuahua gentleman, was thrown out of a car window and was “lucky” enough to survive it and come to live with us. He’s a whole new boy now with (hopefully) lots of time left in him.

Janey, an older Australian Shepherd, came to live with us when her owners couldn’t keep her any more. Being elderly and having health issues, they neglected many of Janey’s issues. But we slowly worked on them and she lived her last several months happy and relatively pain free much of the time.

There are so many reasons to rescue a dog

Have you had a rescue dog in your life? Are you considering it? I’d love to hear about your experiences and your fur kid. What have you gained from the experience? Tell me more in the comments below.

Read more about Lincoln, one of our rescue dogs, in my post Why we have a difficult dog.  If you want to rescue a pet, Petfinder usually has a few great ones to consider. Or read my post, Dogs deserve families, for more ideas to help dogs in need.

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