preventing dog injuries
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Preventing dog injuries; is it even possible?

preventing dog injuries
Preventing dog injuries is a real possibility, at least most times.

Preventing dog injuries; certainly a great goal. But is it possible to keep your dog from getting hurt? The answer is – more often than you think.  Accidents happen all the time, but sometimes a little forethought can minimize the damage that would otherwise be possible. Not all injuries have to happen.

How does your dog get injured?

It can be so many different things. Just like people, sometimes it’s a freak circumstance. Other times, however, it’s something that was known to be a potential problem that wasn’t fixed quickly enough

Usually, people have the benefit of applying reasoning to a situation. They know from past experience and teaching that if you do A, then B. For example, if you wear a helmet, you won’t hurt your head, at least not as badly.

Dogs don’t stop and think about safety and prevention. They’re all about the enthusiasm and living in the moment. They run out in the street without a thought as to what the consequences might be. Getting hit by a car doesn’t enter their minds when they’re chasing that squirrel. That’s why they depend on us to help keep them safe.

preventing dog injuries
Dog injuries happen. Sometimes you can prevent them.

Is preventing dog injuries possible?

You want to be a good pet parent.  You give your pup healthy food, enough exercise, mental stimulation, vet care, a safe home…………all the basics, as much as you can.  What else can you do to keep them safe and prevent injuries?

Check surroundings frequently

It seems simple, but it can go a long way in keeping your pup safe. Take a look at the yard to make sure the fence is intact. Check for any changes; new stuff that’s not supposed to be there or old stuff that used to be there but isn’t any more. People get distracted and accidents happen quickly. If you’ve inspected your dog’s surrounds recently, you have a good chance at catching something that could cause injury.


Since dogs aren’t very good at self preservation, supervision is extremely important. If you know what your dog is doing, where they are, and what other dogs, other animals or people are near, you can anticipate a potential problem. In that way, you can be preventing dog injuries that could result. If you’re alert, you can keep your pup away from many dangerous situations.

Protective gear plays a big part in prevent dog injuries

Protective gear has a purpose.

  • Boots. If your dog is walking on gravel or hot pavement, boots help protect their feet from burns and wear. Boots also protect from chemicals, like ice melt during the winter.
  • Flotation Vest. Going to the lake or the beach means that your dog could end up in water that is too deep for them to handle safely. A good flotation vest can prevent drowning in the case of falling in the water.
  • Reflective Gear. Being out in the dark can present a visibility issue. Even if you wear reflectives or have a flashlight, your dog might not be easy to see and could get hit by a car or lost in the dark. Reflective vests, collars and other special gear are available to keep your pup visible and safe.
  • Sport-specific Gear. Some sports have special physical requirements that might require specific gear for protection. If you are familiar with your sport, you can prepare your dog to participate while preventing injury.

Help them be prepared physically

If you and your dog are going to participate in a sport or other physical activity. being prepared is part of preventing dog injuries. Like human athletes, dogs need to warm up their muscles so they don’t get injured. You can help your dog stretch their muscles and warm up the muscles with gradually increasing activity. You can also learn massage techniques to help keep muscles healthy.

It’s also important to make sure they are conditioned for the task you’re asking of them. Most dogs will do what you ask of them without a though of self-preservation. You (hopefully) wouldn’t put yourself in a marathon without spending months building up your strength and endurance. Your dog might try, but they won’t do well if you put them in a physically demanding activity without making sure they’re physically up to the task. Read my post about Dog hydrotherapy for conditioning ideas.

preventing dog injuries
With a little forethought, you can prevent many dog injuries.

Being prepared for the weather

Dogs are sensitive to the weather much like we are, so as their guardian, you need to make sure they are prepared for the conditions.

If the weather is hot, dogs can easily overheat. They don’t cool off by sweating as we do, so you need to take precautions to keep them cool. To prevent heat stroke, make sure

  • Plenty of fresh, cool water is available
  • They can rest in a cool area
  • You provide cooling devices like mats or cool coats
  • Activities are planned around the hottest times of the day.

Cold weather can also take a toll. Some dogs tolerate it pretty well, like Newfoundlands or St. Bernards with their thick fur. But others have trouble.

If your dog is shivering or curling up, they are cold. Inadequate protection can lead to frost bite and even death. You can provide shelter and clothing or limit outdoor activities as needed to keep your dog warm and safe.

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Preventing dog injuries is possible.

As a dog owner, you can take as many precautions as possible to decrease the chance of injury. Even if you do all the right things, accidents do happen. However, you can decrease the chance of injury if you make the extra effort.

Bottom line, you got your dog for a reason.  You can have lots of fun with them for many years if you take some steps to keep them healthy and safe. What precautions do you take to for preventing dog injuries? Tell me in the comments below.

Read my post about dog seatbelts for more about keeping your dog happy and safe. Dogs do get injured sometimes. Read my post about dog first aid for some helpful information. Sometimes, as in the case of ticks, the injury is more of an illness that’s preventable. Read more about dogs and ticks here.

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