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Magnetic beds for dogs; do they work?

Have you heard about magnetic beds for dogs?

Magnetic beds for dogs are said to help dogs with pain issues. Since we have dogs with pain issues that aren’t always relieved with our usual methods, we decided to try getting a couple of beds to see what the dogs thought of them.

The theory of magnet therapy is that the magnets increase circulation, aiding your dog’s body in healing. It’s said that the magnets attract the blood cells to the area because of the iron in them. And the better the circulation to a given area, the better able the body is to heal itself.

Our thought was that if the dogs liked how the beds made them feel, maybe they would get some relief from their pain. And if the beds didn’t help, the dogs would choose any of the beds equally instead of preferring the magnet beds. At least there wouldn’t be any harm.

What is a magnetic bed supposed to help with?

Especially in chronic conditions, magnetic beds for dogs are intended to

– relieve pain

– increase circulation

– heal wounds

Since our dogs are dealing with issues from hip dysplasia and arthritis, it sounded like they could benefit from the beds.

Are there any negatives?

The biggest negative would be the wasting of money if they didn’t help. Patients with cancer should probably not use it since increased circulation could speed up the growth of the cancer. And the effects on pregnant patients are uncertain. Magnet therapy in general is believed to be pretty safe.

What do dogs think of it?

Our dogs spent quite a bit of time on the magnet beds at first. After a few weeks, they don’t seem to favor the magnetic beds for dogs over the regular beds, so I’m not too sure they got any benefit. It was a little pricey at just under $90 per large bed, but certainly worth a try.

Should you consider magnetic beds for dogs with pain or other issues?

The jury is still out on this one, in general. As I searched the internet, I found little proof that magnets work. However, there are several products that are available specifically for dogs.

If you have a dog with chronic pain issues, I’d recommend at least doing some research. The idea sounds good and sometimes it’s the “off the beaten path” approaches that can make a difference. Magnetic beds for dogs might help your dog.

For more information about magnetic therapy, read this post from I also wrote this post about magnetic therapy for dogs. Have you used magnet beds or magnetic therapy for your dog? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.

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