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Learn to perform reiki on your dog. It’s easy!

Learn to perform reiki on your dog

Reiki and your dog

Learn to perform reiki on your dog to help them heal, reduce pain, decrease anxiety…..all kinds of things. Reiki is a form of energy healing that anyone can learn to use. You can use this powerful tool to help your pets any time you want to. And it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to get started.

What is reiki?

The definition of reiki is universal energy. The technique is founded on the principle that everything is connected by energy and that energy can be channeled from the source of that energy to wherever it is needed.

Mikao Usui conceived of this version of energy healing practice at the beginning of the 20th century. Universal energy has always been present and has been used for centuries, but Sensei Usui put together the specific set of teachings and principles that make up reiki today.

Reiki has been passed down from teacher to student ever since. Depending on the teacher, the ideas and steps have changed a bit, but it’s all based on the same universal energy that Sensei Usui used more than a century ago.

Reiki is an energy healing approach that can really help your dog.

How reiki helps your dog

Reiki can help relieve pain, encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety and many other conditions. You always want to go to your vet with any concerns first. Then ask your vet if they think there would be any problems. Then you can use reiki to complement the care so your dog gets a more complete healing. But it doesn’t work like you might think.

To understand reiki, you have to open your mind a bit if you aren’t familiar with eastern medicine. Instead of addressing specific problems and fixing them (think broken bone is fixed by a cast), this method addresses overall wellness (example: decreasing stress leads to improved health).

The basic process is this;

  • universal energy is all around us.
  • when you are attuned to reiki, you become a channel for that energy.
  • you purposefully intend a positive outcome of some type for your pet or other person, place, animal or thing.
  • universal energy flows through you to the intended destination and causes a positive effect.

The energy goes where it is needed and if it isn’t needed, it simply doesn’t flow there. Also, you can’t cause harm with reiki; only good or non effect.

How you can learn to perform reiki on your dog

I have had several pets recently that had pain issues. As much as the vet and I tried, we often couldn’t find a way with traditional medicine to make things better. Since I’m always looking for things online, reading books, etc., I heard about reiki.

Although I didn’t really understand it, as I researched, reiki seemed like something that was worth a try. Everything I read said that no harm would be caused; one big benefit. And I found courses that I could take in person or online at anywhere from $20 to $300 or more. Finally, it looked like I could be “up and running” in a few hours to a weekend.

I signed up for an online course at Udemy. Within about four hours, I completed the first of the three levels. I started practicing on my dogs right away. And they seemed to love it! Maybe it was the attention, but I felt the energy passing through and the problems got better.

After the second level and again after the third level, I was atuned. Atunement is a process that involves energy flowing from teacher to student, allowing the student to channel energy more efficiently.

How is it working? You can learn to perform reiki on your dog.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I have a lot to learn. However, It’s really nice to know that I can practice and not hurt anything. As I practice, I develop more of an understanding of reiki and how it works.

I would encourage anyone that is interested in trying alternative healing methods to learn reiki. Since the energy flows through me, I feel better. It’s pretty simple to learn. My animals all line up for it, so they must like it. And since the issues seem to get better, I feel like I’m doing something to help my pets. For more ways to help your dog, read my post Alternative dog health.

Reiki can be really helpful when it’s time to say goodbye to your dog. For more about how I use Reiki, read Reiki and dogs.

Have you heard of reiki or used it on your pets? Tell me about it in the comments, below.

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