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How to give the perfect dog gift

perfect dog gift
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Know Your Dog

Buying a dog gift?

Finding the perfect dog gift can be tricky. If you’re a dog lover, you probably have dogs and their parents who you want to buy a gift for. But how do you get the perfect gift for a dog?

Chances are that they either have the leashes and collars that they need or buy them as necessary since these are tools that are used every day.

You could buy them dog clothes (I know where you can get some if you want to, hint, hint). These items can get a little pricey, plus what do you do if they don’t fit?

There are dog beds, crates, treats, dog food,……., but these things are all fairly personal choices. If you get one of these, it might not be right, and you could feel bad. It might not be the perfect dog gift.

Have you considered a book for the dog parent or dog you’re buying for? The great thing about a book is that you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size. Not to mention, the price is much more manageable than for many other items, essential when your budget is being squeezed.
Sure, the dog won’t be the one reading the book, but they will benefit from having their person read it.

A dog gift that can help dogs and people

I wrote a book that might be the perfect dog gift. My new book, “Know Your Dog,” available on Amazon, has useful information for both the new dog people and more experienced dog parents in your life.

It’s written to help the reader recognize and resolve issues to build a better relationship with their dog to give them what they need. In this book, they will,

  • Address all four areas of their dog, not only the physical but the mental, emotional, and spiritual as well.
  • Learn how to better understand their dog by becoming more familiar with their nonverbal language.
  • Discover a simple method for identifying and tracking issues their dog has so that they can address them as needed.
  • Become familiar with several holistic approaches that can offer help for their dog.
  • Develop a plan for building the best possible life for their favorite canine.

perfect dog gift

Why write a book like “Know Your Dog?”

My goal in writing this book was to truly help dogs, and their people have the best relationship possible. Dogs are such noble beings. Don’t you want to give them their best life?

I hope this helps make the gift-giving just a little easier this year. This book is also available on my website in the paperback form now, with shipping included. The hardcover version is coming shortly.

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