dogs deserve families
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Dogs deserve families; the way it should be

dogs deserve families

Dogs deserve families, in my opinion. They love us, unconditionally. They’re loyal. They forgive us for our faults. We owe them the same in return.

I am a dog lover. Every dog should have a loving home that provides for all of their needs. They should be happy, healthy, and never know abuse or neglect. But it isn’t a perfect world.

Dogs are tied out in the backyard and ignored instead of being part of the family. They are abandoned in parking lots or along the side of the road; just pushed out of the car and left behind. They chase those cars with their families in them, not understanding that the family is no longer theirs.

They are turned over to shelters because they don’t fit in anymore or are too old, or because someone suddenly developed an allergy. Puppies have puppies, none of which have any place to call home because there are too many of them. Dogs deserve better than this.

Because dogs deserve families, we owe it to them to try.

Shelters try their best. And they are getting better at find homes instead of just euthanizing. Often, dogs that wind up at the shelter eventually get to have a family to love them, although sometimes it takes months.

Fostering has been getting more common. Someone accepts a dog into their home temporarily until they can find a permanent home. Some of these are “foster fails.” The dogs become family members and live happy healthy lives.

Some shelters send dogs with potential to training environments like prisons. The dogs get several weeks of training that 1) help them bond and 2) give them skills to make them more adoptable. This also gives prisoners a chance to contribute to society, maybe to heal and become better humans.

There are breed-specific shelters that help that certain type of dog. The benefit is that they tend to understand the particulars of that breed to be more successful at finding new homes.

dogs deserve families

Making sure the dog is a good fit for your living situation

Dogs don’t choose the situations they’re in. People do. And while most people keep the best interest of a dog in mind, some people don’t. I wonder what dog lovers can do to help the dogs that deserve families to get them.

When looking for a new dog, we could consider rescuing from a shelter. There are some very nice dogs there, although they might not always match your goals.

If you want a certain type of dog, you could consider a reputable breeder. This would be a breeder that keeps their dogs and puppies’ health and well-being as a priority.

When looking for a dog that suits your family, it’s essential to consider how much time you’ll have to spend with them, how much exercise they need, whether they have the temperament for your lifestyle, etc. However, while dogs deserve families, they will be most successful in families prepared for them.

People are capable of doing better

The issue of dogs in need of homes is definitely a problem in our society. But I think it’s going to take a number of approaches to try to fix it. We can

  • Help to educate people who want them but aren’t as experienced in dog care and handling.
  • Support shelters by volunteering our time or donating food or other necessities.
  • Take some responsibility for decreasing the number of unwanted dogs by preventing our dogs from reproducing under less than desirable circumstances.
  • Adopt a rescue dog when the situation is right.

For more ideas on how to help, read this post from wikiHow.

dogs deserve families

Our dogs deserve families

We rescue dogs when we can. We currently have an adult Malinois mix who was wandering the streets and a 14-year-old chihuahua thrown out a car window. They came to us in rough shape but have become family members with a little love and care. Read more about our rescued dogs here.

It would be great if all dogs could have this kind of success. It would be even better if they never had to know the pain of being abandoned or neglected. I keep hoping for things to get better. And hopefully, they will improve as time passes.

How can you help dogs in need of families? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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