dog personality
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Dog personality? They do have one.

dog personality
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Dogs definitely have a “personality”.

Dog personality. It’s what makes your dog truly YOUR dog. Hopefully, your personality and theirs match up. That’s when the best relationships happen.

Each dog’s personality is different

Quinn is our 3 year old Australian Shepherd. Aussies as a breed are smart, as are most herding breeds. I’ve known several Aussies that prove the statement, but Quinn seems to be especially smart. That’s part of what her what she is. But there’s more to her personality than that.

What is dog personality made of?

It’s hard to define, exactly, what a dog personality is. Some people would say that only people have personalities. I suppose, technically, that’s true. But dog’s definitely have a canine equivalent. I’m going to call it personality because doganality doesn’t sound quite right.

Each dog has a different personality, or set of long lasting characteristics. It’s the parts of them that aren’t physical. The parts of them that show their intelligence, their feelings, their likes and dislikes, etc.

dog personality
heart dog
Quinn is a one of a kind dog.

Each dog is their own unique individual

Quinn is smart, but she is so much more. She’s also a very happy-go-lucky kind of dog. She doesn’t hold a grudge. If something bothers her, it blows over so quickly, you almost forget there was a problem at all.

Problem solving describes her well. Quinn knows how to get her way. You can actually “see” her wheels turning when she’s trying to figure out how to accomplish something. I guess you could call it self-serving, but she does it in the most loving way possible.

For example, when it’s time for a potty/ball break, Quinn starts licking me. She starts pushing on me, getting underfoot and generally blocking what I’m doing so I’ll stop and take her out. She has figured out that if she does it enough, I give up and do as she wants. In my defense, it’s the only way I can seem to get any work done because Quinn’s relentless!

Quinn LIVES for playing balls. That’s her passion. Quinn usually brings her ball back to me. Her brother, Lincoln, doesn’t. He catches the ball once and then gets distracted and leaves his ball someplace. If he’s lost enough balls, I can’t seem to find one so I tell Quinn to “find a ball” and she almost always can, because she remembers where they are.

Aussies are generally problem solvers. Quinn has reached expert level in solving problems. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have thumbs because it sometimes seems that the lack of thumbs is the only reason she doesn’t do exactly what she wants all the time.

dog personality
dog behavior
Personality is what makes this dog who she is.

It’s all the parts that make up dog personality

These qualities are all part of what makes Quinn who she is. I love this dog to pieces. She is kind, loving, funny, and loves me and my family very much. She is also smart enough that she tries and often succeeds in setting her own rules. Fortunately for us both, I like staying active and enjoy Quinn’s playful and kind nature, so we’re a good fit.

Each of our dogs, Sera, 10 year old mini Aussie, Jessie and Reba, 8 year old mini Aussies and sisters, Lincoln, 3(?) year old malinois mix, and Lucky, 14 (?) year old chihuahua, all have different traits, likes, dislikes, ……. personalities. As have all of our past dogs. And each one is special in their own way.

What type of personality does your dog have?

How would you describe your dog? Do you just “get” each other or are you both a little confused by the other one? Maybe it’s dog personality that makes the difference.

If you get to know your dog, maybe you’ll understand what makes them tick and it’ll all make sense. And if you don’t totally get each other, it’s still ok. Not every dog is a perfect match for the human they’re with, just like people. But you can still love them and have a good life together.

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Tell me about your dog or dogs in the comments. I’d love to hear what you love about them!

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