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Can an animal communicator help my dog?

animal communicator
communicating with dogs
Animal communication is easier than you think to use.

What is an animal communicator?

Do you know what an animal communicator is? I googled the question to find out. The definition of animal communicator is difficult to find because the term has several meanings, none of which are completely black and white. This is what I found.

Wikipedia defines animal communication as “the transfer of information from one or a group of animals (sender or senders) to one or more other animals (receiver or receivers) that affects the current or future behavior of the receivers.”

Science has shown that animals communicate with each other by body position, sounds, smell and other methods we humans don’t really notice. That’s not anything new. But what I’m talking about here is interspecies communication; communication between two or more different species, especially when one of the species is human.

Wikipedia defines interspecies communication as “sharing and understanding information between two or more species that work towards the benefit of both species”.

Still another way of referring to animal or interspecies communication would be telepathic communication. Telepathy is a way of communicating thoughts directly from one being to another.

Intuition, or the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning, could be another way of referring to animal communicating.

The difficult part about any of these terms is that they aren’t directly observable or measureable. Because of this, they’re difficult to prove. But sometimes the experience is the proof since not everything that we can know can be scientifically proven.

My friend, Dr. Nancy Bruington, animal communicator, of Animal Whispering, says animal communication involves an exchange of energy, intuition, the use of thought and feeling in communication. Quantum physics works in there somewhere as well.

The definition I would use to describe an animal communicator is this; a person that uses energy, telepathy, intuition and/or a “knowing” to communicate with beings from another species for the benefit of all involved.

Speaking with an animal communicator

Some people call themselves animal communicators or interspecies communicators, like my friend Dr. Nancy. She retired from her chiropractic practice roughly 20 years ago and started her animal communication practice to build on the connections she had started noticing in her chiropractic work.

Although there is no licensure or certification, Dr. Nancy took some classes that helped her build on the intuitive capabilities she already had. And the more she did, the better she understood and applied it.

animal communicator
communicating with dogs
Do you know how an animal communicator can help your dog?

Reasons you might want to talk to an interspecies communicator about your pets

Issues with food could be a problem. Maybe your pet is a picky eater or maybe their weight isn’t where it should be. Your pet might want something you don’t even know about. They could have food allergies or irritations. Hearing that a problem exists might help you help your pet feel better.

Relationships might not be working. Your pet lives with you, your family, and other pets. Sometimes, not everyone gets along with everyone else and your pet might need some help working it out. Communicating about the issues could help make them more manageable.

You and your pet might be having training issues. If you’re trying to train your pet to do something, they might not understand what is expected of them or they might not want to do it. Discussing the reasons for the training could help your pet be more on board with the plan.

Physical issues come up but can be difficult to figure out. Your pet could be having some physical difficulties like pain or fatigue. They might not be able to tell you in a regular conversation, but through a communicator, they can let you know that they have something going on. A communicator can actually feel the location and type of pain so you can pin it down and get it treated.Inevitably, end of life issues need to be addressed. When that time comes, it’s usually difficult and sad. An animal communicator can help your pet tell you their final wishes like when they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge, how much they love you, and what they want done with their things. 

What can you expect from a session?

When you decide you want a session with a communicator, it can be either in person or not. Your pet doesn’t have to be physically with you.

Usually, you’ll want to give some information to the communicator, such as number and types of pets, ages and pet issues you might be concerned about. As the communicator and pet owner start talking about issues, the pet or pets can listen and hopefully start building trust.

Once the pet(s) trusts the communicator, if they’re inclined to communicate, they often do. The dialogue involves some words, but also a sense or knowing and mental images.

A good session leaves the pet owner, communicator and pet all feeling heard. It might only last a few minutes or it could be pretty lengthy, depending on the topic.

animal communicator
communicating with dogs
An animal communicator has helped us with our dogs.

How I came to believe in animal communicators

It all sounds pretty “New Age”, I know. That’s what I thought too, at first. But there is something to it. It’s on a plane that we’re not used to noticing, but it’s there. I think it may be trained out of most of us as little kids, since it isn’t something that science officially notices and our parents can’t see it. We just have to learn to pay attention to it again.

I met Dr. Nancy when I was a vendor at a dog show. I sold my dog clothes and she did animal communication. I thought she was a very nice lady but thought animal communication made no sense.

After several shows where we both vended, Dr. Nancy challenged me. Having down time, we were talking about some issues I was having with one of my barrel horses. She said “So, how much does it cost you to make one bad run?” Anyone who is a barrel racer knows that there is the entry fee, tack, travel to the race, price of the horse, etc. Just the entry fee is $30 to $200 or more. She said, well, isn’t it worth the cost of one bad run to see if it helps?”

I couldn’t argue with that logic, having had my share of bad runs and wasted entry money. And what if it actually worked? I tried a session of animal communication with Dr. Nancy. My horse wasn’t even present; just Dr. Nancy and I. As we talked and I spelled out my perception of the problems, my horse started sharing.

What I learned about an animal communicator

Dr. Nancy was able to tell me things my horse communicated that I never told Dr. Nancy about. Things that I never even thought of as issues. It was truly eye opening.

Since then, I’ve had sessions with Dr. Nancy for many of my animals. Sometimes, it doesn’t solve the issues, but more often than not, it helps make a huge improvement in the relationship I have with that animal.

And what’s more, the more I’ve tried talking to my animals and understanding them on my own, the better it’s become. I often ask a yes or no type question and have the animal respond accordingly. They will nod or shake their heads, for example.

They really seem to understand what I’m saying. And once each of them realizes that I will try to understand their needs, the more they try to communicate with me. I can’t tell you how much better those relationships have become.

I’ve read that all people are capable of some level of intuition. Most of them don’t develop it. But people practicing interspecies communication are encouraged to be more aware of the intuition they already have instead of ignoring it. They’re then able to use that intuitive process to communicate with pets.

Animal communication, intuition, telepathy, whatever it is, I believe it is. And I’m so grateful to have become aware of such a powerful force in the world.

Read about some of my experiences at My heart dog, the dog that changed my life.

Advice to owners

Give the process a chance. You might realize that pets understand more than you might think. Talk to them, even if you’re not sure how much they get. Use the golden rule; “do unto others as you would have done unto you”. What do you have to lose?To find out about Dr. Nancy Bruington of Animal Whispering, please see her website. 

Have you ever tried to communicate with your animals? Let me know in the comments below. Read this post about animal communication to find out if you’re doing it by accident.

I think dogs understand more than we think, with or without a communicator. Read Dogs understand us, my post about Quinn and her amazing ability to understand. Do you know how much your dogs understand you?

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