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Can a dog cool coat help prevent heatstroke?

What is a dog cool coat?

A dog cool coat is one of several products that are designed for a dog to wear. The intention is for them to help keep your dog from overheating. It would make sense that keeping your dog cool would help prevent heatstroke.

Preventing heatstroke for your dog will be an important precaution for you to take as summertime approaches. You’re probably aware of the risk of dogs suffering from heatstroke.  Since dogs can’t sweat except through the pads of their feet, with a little help from panting, when conditions get hot, they can run into trouble pretty quickly.

dog cool coat

What is heatstroke?

If you have a dog, you’ve heard about heatstroke and how it’s dangerous for your dog. But what does it look like, exactly?

Early signs of heatstroke include:

– Panting
– Drooling

If you’re paying attention, you can probably cool your dog down and have no lasting problems. Here’s where a dog cool coat or other cooling methods can help. As your dog’s condition gets worse, you could see these symptoms.

– Decreased responsiveness
– Dark red gums
– Confusion and/or anxiety
– Glazed eyes
– Rapid heart rate
– Labored breathing
– Temperature above 103
– Vomiting or diarrhea, possibly with blood in them

If you see these symptoms, you need to try to cool your dog off a.s.a.p. as you take them to the vet for treatment.  As the symptoms get more severe, an emergency trip to the vet could be the only way to save your dog. For more about heatstroke, read this post.

preventing heatstroke for dogs

How a dog cool coat can help

Even before your dog gets overheated, you probably know that the temperatures will be high, and heatstroke could happen. Using a cool coat to prevent your dog from getting overheated can allow you to bypass that problem completely.

Sometimes, however, it could sneak up on you. Maybe you didn’t realize that your dog was too active for the conditions or things didn’t happen according to plan. If you’re paying attention and catch it early, you can cool your dog down before they suffer any serious injury.

Having a dog cool coat could come in really handy in these instances. The nice thing about these cool coats from Made by De is that they can be stashed in your vehicle or backpack and be ready to soak and use whenever needed. They cool using simple evaporation, so soaking in water, putting them on your dog, and maybe putting your dog in front of a fan can work wonders for your overheated dog.

Does your dog run the risk of getting overheated? What do you do to help prevent any problems? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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