dog with chronic pain
Dog pain issues

A dog with chronic pain is an ongoing project

dog with chronic pain

Our dog has chronic pain.

We have a dog with chronic pain. If you’ve been following any of my posts, you may be aware of this. If not, read We have a difficult dog or Can an animal communicator help my dog for a little background.

Basically, we adopted Lincoln from the shelter. He’d been picked up running loose and very underweight. They estimated he was about two at the time, so he’d be about five now.

As we got to know Lincoln, we found out that he had a very sensitive stomach and walked very slowly and stiffly. He’d run if necessary, but he really seemed to be in pain. He got really grumpy sometimes. We’d also notice him chewing on his hip or his flank or feet.

We tried taking him to several different vets. Not because they didn’t know what they were doing, but because he would get very fearful and reactive, so he wasn’t welcome to return. We’ve been working on that with an animal behaviorist (How can a dog behaviorist help my dog) and a trainer experienced in these issues. We’re making a little progress, but that’s for another post.

dog with pain issues

Finding out the causes of Lincoln’s pain

Although we had a difficult time at the vet’s office, we identified several issues to work on. Lincoln was diagnosed with a sensitivity to fat which caused severe stomach pain and hip dysplasia.

We suspected other issues but weren’t able to officially diagnose them. Judging by appearance and the way he acts, we believe Lincoln also has had a back injury and neck issues, as well as dewclaws that are disfigured and look as if they’ve been broken.

While the stomach issues have been under control with diet, the other issues aren’t easy to address. A dog with chronic pain from these issues needs ongoing treatment and adjustment as needed depending on how they’re doing. This article from AKC addresses chronic pain in dogs.

What has worked

We’ve tried many ways of addressing Lincoln’s pain, both traditional and alternative. That’s a big reason why I started this blog. I thought other people may have experienced similar problems and may also be looking for answers for their pups. Maybe we could help each other with our shared experiences.

In short, here’s what’s working for Lincoln right now. We give

  • CBD oil twice a day
  • Previcox every day
  • Dasuquin every day

In addition, I use the cold laser on his hip and back two to three times a week and give Reiki treatments on off days as needed.

When the weather is changing or especially cold, Lincoln often needs more than this, so we sometimes give tramadol or gabapentin, although I’m not sure how much it helps.

dog with pain issues

How our dog with chronic pain is doing

Over the past few years, we’ve realized that Lincoln isn’t going to be fixed. But we can manage his condition. Keeping track of his behavior and appearance has helped us be aware of when he’s having more problems so that we can help him. Every day is different, and we can’t always predict how he’ll be. But we do our best.

Do you have a dog with chronic pain issues? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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