dog chiropractor
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A dog chiropractor can help your dog.

dog chiropractor
A chiropractor for dogs can help with all kinds of issues

What is a dog chiropractor?

A dog chiropractor specializes in dogs and other pets, manipulating misaligned joints to bring them back to a healthy state. 

In the U.S., a dog chiropractor has to earn an undergraduate degree, then either a degree as a human chiropractor or in veterinary medicine. After that, they have to get further educated and licensed as an animal chiropractor in their state. So, to say that they have a lot of knowledge is an understatement!

Why would you take your dog to a chiropractor?

Have you ever been to a chiropractor for yourself?  If you have, you know that they work on your back and joints to help you feel less pain and move better.  Their job is to align the skeletal system to decrease problems and increase health of bones, joints, nerves, muscles and other issues. After a session, hopefully you have less pain and can move more easily. I know I surely feel more energetic!

Although they can’t tell us what’s wrong, your dog feels pretty much the same aches and pains we do, If you watch them move and pay attention to their behaviors, you might even notice something off.

dog chiropractor
Your dog can feel better with the use of a dog chiropractor.

What kinds of issues can a dog chiropractor help with?

The list is actually pretty long; some issues you might guess, while others are surprising. A partial list includes

– Relieving pain, especially along the spine or in extremities

– Correcting movement changes or lameness

– Realigning musculoskeletal issues 

– Resolving neurologic conditions like numbness or weakness

– Assisting in recovery after an injury, accident or surgery

– Addressing behavior issues like loss of interest in playing, avoidance of petting or contact or constant licking

– Reducing the effects of allergies, digestive problems and stress

Hard to believe that so much is connected to just having your back cracked (my old belief about chiropractors).  

chiropractor for dogs
dog chiropractor
A dog chiropractor can be easy to find, inexpensive to use and super helpful to your dog.

I take my dogs to a chiropractor

I never used to, but now I take my dogs to a chiropractor on at least a semi-regular basis.  Being at least 50 miles from a pet chiropractor makes it difficult to get there as regularly as I’d like, but each session helps.  

As each dog gets treated, I’ve observed improvements in their health and mood. I’ve had elderly, rescue dogs with severe back problems start acting like they have life in them again.  And my dogs with hip dysplasia are having much less pain. They often need less pain medicine after an adjustment. Read my post, How do you know if your dog is in pain for more ideas about treating your dog’s pain.

It isn’t terribly expensive; in our area of the country, a treatment could be around $40.  I would recommend it for any of your pets that might have pain or other issues. They’ll thank you for it! And you’ll feel better knowing they feel better.

For more about pet chiropractors, visit the AVCA website. Read more posts about alternative health options for your dog here;

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